In solitude solace, in stillness, content;
The peaceful day with no outcry rent;
For drama the stage, for revels torment;
Comes quiet of night, the day’s motion now spent.

The single note its own company keep,
The plainchant inspiring the prayerful deep,
Or mournful resonance sudden to weep,
The sweet-throated lullaby leading to sleep.

Then quietly stealing its way to the ear
Comes harmony, delicate, lovely to hear,
Its presence enigma until it draws near,
Encircling, ennobling, bestowing new cheer.

Two voices soon raised, to the rafters they ring,
Now major, now minor, to heaven now sing,
As one voice the two to each other now cling,
Diverge for a while and then consonance bring.

Thus do you give to my soul new delight,
Our voices now mingling in harmony bright;
As music does love catch when timing is right,
Sweet friend new-companion’d, my heart set alight.

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