The Bard

There once was a bard with a very large ego.

Most bards, being of the public sort, do enjoy the admiration of their audience, but this particular bard’s ambitions went beyond the desire for mere accolades. No, this bard desired fame, craved fortune—he wished no less than to be the most famous bard in all the land, installed in the King’s own court, above all others, without peer.

This bard, though skilled, pursued his trade for all the wrong reasons.

Oh, he studied, and learned the old songs, the ones that his audiences would request time and again—epic tales of romance and derring-do. But all the while, there lived a tiny stone of resentment in his heart, for despite all his efforts to capture what was so magic, so compelling, about those old tales, he could create no such songs of his own.

He stayed abreast of the machinations of King and Court, hearing from heralds all the latest activities in the Great City. From such news, he attempted to craft new epics—for such were the times that there was no shortage of heroism from the King or his men.

It was a wealthy kingdom, situated on rich farmlands, with a port that sat in the midst of a prosperous trade route.

The King’s ancestors had wisely settled there, many generations ago, defending and fortifying the holding, patiently expanding it, all the while taking care that its citizens prospered right along with the kingdom. For these kings knew that their hold on the land was dependent on the contentment of the people there.

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The Girl Who Dreamed

A fire in an iron fireplaceThis story was included in a special “Story Time” edition of At Water’s Edge on 27 September 2014, along with several other tales. Watch the video archive or listen to the podcast. This story, along with the other story in this series and a poem from Love the Haven of Peace, will be released as a CD and downloadable album in the 4th quarter of 2014. You can hear a preview of the release at the end of this story.


Once upon a time, there lived a girl who dreamed—and not just any ordinary dreams. Well, many of them were ordinary, but once in a while, the girl had dreams that would come true in unexpected ways.

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The Heart on the Other Side of the World

heart-silver-box“Once upon a time there lived a girl whose heart was born on the other side of the world…
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